Setting Up Automatic Email Replies as an Exchange User

Note – IMAP account users will need to follow These Directions to set up automatic replies. If you are not sure if your email is set up as an Exchange account or an IMAP account, check our Exchange vs IMAP guide.


1. In your web browser (Safari or Firefox), go to and log in using your DuckID. Outlook WebApp opens.

2. Click on Options in the upper righthand corner, and select Set Automatic Replies. The Options screen appears.

3. Click on the “Send automatic replies” radio button.

4. [Recommended] If desired, select the start and end time for the automatic reply, i.e., the time you’re away.

5. Type the message to be sent in the appropriate field.

6. [Recommended] Keep the default settings below to send automatic replies to people outside your organization, and to send replies to all external senders. Type a message for external senders (can copy and paste message from field above.

7. Click on Save on the bottom of the page.

8. Click on Sign Out at the top of the page.

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