Technology Check-Out

The School of Music and Dance keeps a range of audio/visual equipment in stock and available for use by students, staff, and faculty.

The following items may be checked out from the Reception Desk:

  •  Laptop in Portable Case
  • Large Projector Screen
  • Projector Cart
  • Projector in Portable Case
  • Small Projector Screen
  • Three Zoom Cameras

This equipment may not be removed from the Frohnmayer Music building without permission from the Information Technology Director. Reservations are made at the Reception Desk for all equipment. A key is available from the Receptionist for access to the A/V storage rooms. Identification must be left in exchange for the key.


For support contact:

Lance Miller
Recording Technician
Office:  191 Frohnmayer Music Building


Mason Kline
Audio Visual Technician 2
Office:  163A Frohnmayer Music Building
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