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Current Issue (phishing scam alert)
Hello everyone,
We wanted to let you know that a new phishing email has been received by a number of individuals at UO.  If you see such an email, it will look similar to this:
Dear Subscriber,
Welcome to your uoregon.edu webmail expiration summary update from IS Technology Service Desk.
Please visit this link to renew your webmail subscription today.
For additional information, contact UO Information Technology.
In the message, the words “this link” are linked to a webpage on the 16mb.com domain where the phisher will ask for your credentials.
This is NOT a legitimate email from the IS Technology Service Desk. Please do not click on the link or provide your credentials.
If you did click on the link and provided your credentials, please change your password immediately.
We have blocked access to the specific web page that the phisher was using. However, the phisher could change the web page destination, so be sure to not click on the link!
********** Past issues **********
Tuesday, March 25th 2015
A message with the subject, ³Notification of your payment² was sent to the OA News list early today.
DO NOT open the attached ZIP file. Instead, delete the message.
If you opened the file, email security@uoregon.edu immediately. The attached ZIP file contains malware.
Information Services is working to block the message and the malware.
Sent on behalf of the Officers of Administration Council
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