Piano Lab

The School of Music and Dance provides a room open to all students (when there isn’t a class scheduled) with keyboards to practice on.

There are 16 keyboard stations available for use.

They have these capabilities:

  • Connected screens to monitor the instructor’s live hands/feet cameras or the document camera
  • 1/4 in. headphone jacks

For teaching there are these technologies:

  • Classroom projector
  • Document Camera
  • Live camera on hands
  • Live camera on feet/pedals
  • mp3 connectivity
  • Laptop connectivity


 Piano Lab Help & Support

Using the Instructor’s Station in the Piano Lab

  1. Turn on the power button at the very top of the rack behind the piano.
  2. Turn on the power button on the far left of the Roland keyboard.
  3. To have students hear the instructor’s microphone and piano, press ALL button on the far right of the GLC controller on the right on the instructor’s piano.
  4. To communicate with specific students, press the numbered button corresponding to the student’s station number. For stations 9 – 16, press the BANK button first.
  5. To mute students’ pianos, select ALL and STUDENT MUTE.

Using the Document Camera

  1. Select DOC CAM column in the SMARTBOARD row on the touch screen on the Instructor’s piano. Note that the SMARTBOARD must be on.
  2. To have Students see the DOC CAM on their monitors, select DOC CAM column in Student Monitors row on the touch screen.



  1. Gray plug into Mic
  2. Black to Phono

Do not unplug anything in the Piano Lab. Do not move headphones.


Using the SmartBoard

  1. To turn on the board, click the power button on the far left of the board’s tray:
  2. Open Board Tools application in Applications/Smart Technologies on laptop.
  3. To see laptop screen on SMART Board, select LAPTOP column in SMART BOARD row on touch screen controller.
  4. To have students see the laptop screen on their computers, select LAPTOP column in the STUDENT MONITORS row on the touch screen controller.
  5. To draw/write on board choose a marker from the tray and begin drawing. An untitled Notepad document will be created.
  6. To erase on the board, use the eraser on the tray and use it like an eraser. Tip: Make a big circle with the eraser and click in the middle of the circle to erase everything within the circle.
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