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New copier fleet coming in!

Installation and configuration:

These new copiers will require new software to be installed on your computer. Click on the link below to download the new drivers.

Windows users, go to this link Windows Print Drivers and select your appropriate OS.
Please do not hesitate to contact IT if you have any questions or concerns by sending and email to

What & When: 

Based on the recent University contract for a copier fleet at the University of Oregon we will be replacing the current copiers at the School of Music and Dance tomorrow7/27/2016 starting at 1:30pm. The copiers are listed below in the order they are being replaced.


2nd floor admin copier

Ricoh MP 4001


admin 1st floor workroom

Ricoh MP 4000B


faculty tower copier

Ricoh MP 4000


GTF Lab printer/copier/scanner

Richo MP2550


Kamermer Computer Lab

Laserjet 9050

grace****************Printer Configuration Change********************
The multi-function Ricoh printer on the second floor of the Frohmayer Building room 219J.
The Change:
Scanning will now require your access code. This is the same access code you have previously used for printing, copying and faxing.
Now. Any new users needing to access these function on this printer will require an account and access code. You can request this account and code from the Accounting office or to IT at
Please let us know if you have any questions of concerns.
******************Office 365 for everyone**********************

UO Information Services is excited to announce that Microsoft Office 365 will soon be available at no cost to all students and employees on campus!

Next month, IS will roll out the Microsoft Office apps — including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook — and OneDrive storage.
Below and on the IT website is some initial information about Office 365 — the basic who, what, when, where, and why:
That information is aimed at a general campus audience. For IT staff, particularly support staff, we wanted to share some additional information about the project rollout.
We are working toward an expected Phase 1 launch date of May 4. To help IT staff prepare to support students, faculty, and staff as they start using the Office 365 applications, the Office 365 Project Team — specifically, the Support subteam — is working to quickly create, gather, and share documentation and training resources in the next couple of weeks.
You can find more information about the Office 365 Project at
If you have any questions about the Office 365 Project or feedback for the Project Team, please contact the Technology Service Desk at
Microsoft Office 365 for students and employees
What will we get?
  • Microsoft Office apps
    • Word
    • Excel
    • PowerPoint
    • Outlook
    • …and more (depending on operating system)
  • Unlimited OneDrive storage
These Office 365 applications will be available for Macs, Windows PCs, and mobile devices (iOS, Android, and Windows), as well as online via web browsers.
Who is eligible?
All UO students, faculty, and staff will get access to the Office 365 applications and services listed above.
When will we get it?
Office 365 will be available in May 2015. Eager to use Office? Give us your email address and we will let you know exactly when the software’s available.
Why Microsoft Office?
In previous years, the University of Oregon had a Microsoft software license that was paid for by participating departments, schools, and colleges. It covered only specific schools and colleges. The cost of this license was not much less than a license for all of campus, and Information Services saw this as an opportunity to provide software and storage to everyone by expanding this existing license for 2015.
Who should I contact with questions or feedback?
Please contact the Technology Service Desk at
Information Services
University of Oregon



*********************New Learning Management System (LMS)*********************

The University will be migrating its LMS (Learning Management System).

The current LMS Blackboard will be replaced with Canvas. Please become and early adopter and start getting the most out of your new LMS.

The link below will guide you to what is going on with the LMS migration. Please check out the current timeline and start getting prepared.

The Canvas Blog


A variety of support resources are available to help instructors publish their courses in Canvas:





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