GTF Information


New computer login information:

Account name: gtf

Password: GtfsRule

Use the preset settings as shown in the diagram below to print:

Printer:       GTF Lab Printer

Preset:         PrintCode


Unless the printer is out actually out of paper you can ignore the message below.


GTF Lab Computer Tips

Printing PDFs:

There have been times that both Safari and Firefox have had trouble printing .PDF files from online sources. If you encounter this problem, download the PDF file to the Desktop (File/Save As…), and double click to open in Preview. Preview is generally a much better choice to print .PDF files than Acrobat or from online.


Optical Drives:

These iMacs don’t have internal optical drives. If you need to use a CD/DVD drive, IT will have an external drive to loan you. See Marc in 219P, or Guy in 219L, and be prepared to leave your student ID card.


Saving Files:

As all GTFs are sharing a common login, please do not save anything to the computer. We cannot guarantee that anything you save to one of the computers will be there next time you need it. Save your files to a USB drive or to your own personal online storage in “The Cloud.”


If you have any problems or suggestions, please send them to


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