Connecting to Xerox Printers and Adding a Print Code (PC Users)

This guid describes how Windows users can connect to the new Xerox printer/copiers.

Installing Xerox Printer Drivers

  1. Go to the Xerox Windows Print Drivers page and select your operating system to download the correct print drivers. *If you need help figuring out which operating system you have, follow the directions here.
  2. Click the Web-based Print Driver installer link to begin the installation.
  3. Accept the User Agreement, and open the installer file that downloads.
  4. Follow the installers instructions
  5. When prompted, enter the IP address for the printer you with to use:
    • 1st Floor Workroom (121J) Printer –
    • Faculty Tower Printer –
    • Band Office –
    • Collier Printer –
    • Dance Printer –
  6. Make sure that Print Test Page is selected and click finish
  7. When prompted, enter your print code (if you don’t know it, you can obtain a print code from Jim Klenke in the accounting office)
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